“Our firm provides top-level language instruction and tutoring along with other language services. We specialize in English, French, and Italian languages and cultures as well as in multiple-subject tutoring; we also have services in Romanian/Moldovan, Spanish, and Norwegian. Since 2008, our mobile European school has served private and corporate students in Texas through versatile curricula designed for various age groups; each program is customized while we offer unmatched flexibility. Learning is made easy and enjoyable through language-immersion, European methods, and the most effective U.S. teaching styles. Learn like a diplomat!”

Gabriela N. Anderson, Program Director and Teacher

Excellent international services since 1992



The School of European Languages and Art ~ a mobile school assisting clients in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond

  • highly effective and experienced
  • certified in teaching 4 languages, European studies, International Affairs and International Business;
  • certified in tutoring 30 subjects (Humanities and Art)
  • very flexible 
  • lessons for all budgets 
  • no hidden fees

   U.S.-European Curricula and Classical Education           

   What is subject-immersion instruction?

Note the difference:

Programs represent personalized instruction in class and support outside class ensuring time-effective results.

Courses provide classroom instruction and guidance for long-term study.

Tutoring is assistance with homework to improve regular school performance. 


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 ROMANIAN               SPANISH

Our services

Diplomatic-style language immersion programs, (functional language skills in 3 months), traditional courses and individual lessons; private classes are customized to fit each student’s goals and age range.

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Corporate language training
College assistance

Travel & leisure courses

High school / K12
Homeschooling: U.S. and European curricula 



Document translation by native experts
English to/from French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Norwegian
Fields: literary, legal, health, business, media, education

Interpreting (read article)
English to/from French, Italian, and Romanian
Fields: business, legal, health, media, education


English, French, Italian, and Romanian/Moldovan documents

Please, call 214-402-3965 or email manager@dlselanguageart.org to discuss your task.

DIPLOMAT Languages Inc. Payment Policy

  • Fees are due in advance for 8 hours: Check, Cash, or Direct Deposit
  • Fees are for 1 student for face-to-face instruction, unless otherwise specified
  • Credit Card/per-lesson payment is available via WyzAnt Tutors
  • All subject-immersion lessons are minimum 2 hours
  • No refund, but missed lessons or minutes are credited and re-scheduled at students’ convenience

Students receive a FREE consultation that usually includes a brief test. The language skill level may be measured in class and tested at the end of a course on the AP and ILR scales of 1 (basic level) – 5 (college-educated/native level)

For one-time lessons and to enroll in a promotional course paid by credit card, contact Gabriela A. at https://www.wyzant.com/Tutors/TX/Grapevine/8095048/


Photos  by Natasha Ioffe