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“Our programs are stress-free, micromanaged to offer versatile learning options. We accommodate each student’s hectic schedules through finely-tuned policies, so that one can get the most out of one’s studies.”

Gabrielle Anderson, Teacher and Program Director

Excellent international services since 1992

To schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation (+ an optional free test), contact Gabrielle Anderson at 214-402-3965


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 Choose your personalized curriculum

  • U.S. Test preparation in 50 subjects
  • Languages and cultures
  • Art Theory/Practice (Drawing and Painting)
  • Tutoring and College Project Assistance


          click  U.S.-European Curricula and Classical Education           

         click  What is subject-immersion instruction?

Translation and Conference Interpreting


Simultaneous/Conference interpreting

Document translation (law, science, media, business, linguistics, psychology, art, etc)

Literary translation


Phone interpretation services

Translation/Interpreting Immersion Courses


  click on each subject FRENCH     ITALIAN      ENGLISH


click Homeschooling

  • STAAR and Classical Education 
  • Humanities, Grammar, Literature, Social Studies
  • Test Preparation 
  • Comprehensive Reading
  • Essay Writing and Creative Writing, Vocabulary
  • Public Speaking, Spelling, Phonics, Calligraphy
  • World History, Geography
  • Art theory and Practice (Painting)
  • Etiquette, Ethics and Character Building through classical literature
  • World Religions, Bible Studies (+ Latin and/or Hebrew)
  • Painting click Teacher’s Galleryclassical, folk, abstract  + art theory

The homeschooling program could be tailored to include authentic (Italian) MONTESSORI workshops, and ORTON-GILLINGHAM approaches.

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Photos  by Natasha Ioffe (Student)