The European Club

A window to Europe in the heart of Texas

The European Club is an informal venue whose main purpose is to reunite past and current students of DIPLOMAT Languages Inc. through:

European Cuisine events >> usually organized in July and December in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Art events (free painting workshops) 

Book Club events>> contemporary European literature 





Our culinary events have been promoted under titles like: “Foods of Provence and Capri,” “Real Neapolitan cuisine,” “East-European cuisine,” and “European Chocolate Fest,” and have been greatly enjoyed by our students. The highlight of these gatherings is the occasion to taste freshly-baked organic foods (mostly from less-known recipes of Italy and France) and to share impressions about the countries that students have visited or wish to visit, as well as about our general cultural and linguistic experiences.

Many of our students are very talented and have practised painting and other arts or are simply fond of culture and creativity. The European Club events include free painting and drawing classes, exhibitions, creative writing seminars, poetry events, and French/Italian cuisine workshops.




Painting lessons for children

Drawing and Painting courses for adults

Classes can include: Art Theory, intro to techniques, naive painting, classical portraits, landscapes, abstract painting, and surrealist topics theory & symbolism. 




“I am very pleased to write in behalf of Ms. Gabrielle Anderson. It was a great privilege to be of some help to Ms. Anderson’s gifted and hardworking traits as a multitalented artist with potentials to do great things. She was helpful and a great addition to the class. I wholeheartedly recommend her for consideration on her creative position.”

Sam Adoquei, Painter and Professor, National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, New York City


 Naive Painting Course, 2015
 paintings by Ramakrishna, student
 Rama's village